31 December 2008

warmth & light

Yesterday was fantastic. Woke up to find a long lost friend online. We hung out and had an incredible time.

Then I went to my favourite cafe, The Flying Star, and had cherry pie and coffee for breakfast...although technically it was noon.
It's a place I've been going since I was a freshman in high school. It started out as a little magazine stand that sold coffee and had a few sandwiches but has turned into an Albuquerque institution with 7 cafe restaurants, 6 satelite cafe's (their actual name).

Next, a trip to Santa Fe's Japanese mountain spa, Ten Thousand Waves.
Three hours of hot water, open air, and possibly seventeen billion stars.
They also have the most amazing smelling bath products.

I'll be going back before I get tattooed.
Oh yeah, I'm getting tattooed.

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