01 January 2009

New Years Eve

Got up this morning to meet my friends Jesse & James and their lovely little Abigail for a trip into the mountains to go sledding.
Jess' sister Chistina came along as did the adorable Barkley, who despite wearing a chic little puppy jacket was a bit chilled.
Thank God id skipped breakfast because inner tubes go the speed of light down a snow packed hillside.
I swear that one tree in particular had it out for me. I only flew ten feet into the air once, but the lack of waterproof trousers
ensured that my ass was quite wet for the ride home. The G wagon was equipped with heated rear seats though so I mannaged to
get through it. On our way back down we stopped off and ate some amazing pulled pork sandwiches. Amazing
because we were all exhausted from climbing back up the snow packed hillsides at 12,000 feet of altitude.


Nick Couch said...

Great pics. Have they got a G-Wagon!? Nice.

Paul Pincus said...

gorgeous. all of it.