19 January 2009

Le Weekend

This weekend makes up for last weekend by leaps and bounds.


A seven hour demolition of a set in one of the university theatres.
Followed by cocktails at Philips Bar. Where Laura and I unwittingly crashed a
private birthday party. The birthday boy allowed us to stay, mingle and
enjoy his bar of 3 dollar cocktails. Then it was off to 45 Tchoup, for a few
TGVs after which I chatted up a couple of people about tattoos.
When I woke up the next morning I had no idea where my ID was.


Woke up at noon. Stayed in bed till four.
Went to a meeting with my department head at five, who told me that I might
have to intern in South Africa instead of Romania due to language issues.
Wandered over to Whole Foods for chicken soup, the plain one with spinach
because the good one with orzo wasn't there. Blueberries for desert. Tried
to get a bottle of D'Anjou Rose also, but my ID was in my trouser pocket
from the night before. Got home ate soup, was fed internet painkillers
and beer by my roomate. The most blissful evening of watching 2 series disques
of friends followed. Was asleep by nine. Slept until seven.

Stayed in bed watching the day start grey and rainy and go to blue and warm by eleven.
Left bed at around noon for lunch with Garret. Who despite being a
budding minister and involved does not stop being one of the sexiest people
I know. We had lunch at the Gumbo House. Desert at Jagerhaus.

A visit to Mel, behind the bar at the Copper Monkey followed before going back uptown.
An Hour later I had a gelato date with Laura at Sucre. Brown Butter Pecan Gelato.

Afterward we raided the cigar shop across the street for discarded cigar boxes.
I might have gazed a bit too long the attendant who looked a little like Seth Rogan.
Later I tried to go back to The Pub in the quarter, it was packed and had a pleasant vibe.
But I felt sick and went home by eleven.

Woke up at seven, got out of bed at nine for breakfast with Mel at Surreys.
The Montana Breakfast, it seems, is code for three pig platter.
Bacon, Sausage, and Ham. Served with potatoes, I of course heaped
on a side of grits because I need all those calories right. I got through
most of the meat, all the potatoes, and about half of the grits.
Later I went on an adventure through a New Orleans housing project
to get to a secret puppet show. When we got to the space it
was a seriously dilapidated warehouse. We drove around it three
times before calling to make this was the place. It had a secret knock
and everything. This is what I found inside.

Wen the light swent out I saw a story about a dinosaur who learns to love. And who can wield a light saber.
nive volt batteries, 12 volt marine batteries, painted wire and soe dark and you have a seriously
intelligent and beautiful piece of theatre. I loved it. And no there was not heat in the warehouse.

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