20 January 2009

yeah, it's official.

On such an historic day, as I read headlines about racial lines falling and acceptance at an all time high,
I learn that my inklings were right.

I can't get a date in this town because for the majority of people here, on both sides, I'm the wrong ccolour.

I was just informed of this in a chat room where guys were pondering the swearing in of Joe Biden as president following President Obama's assassination. This, as I ,a representative of three continents, am watching his inauguration speech.

I can't say I'm surprised, every guy I meet want's a list of my ethnic make-up within 3 minutes of conversation.
I was also told that I could not have speak with a british accent because I'm not white.

I think the biggest cause for consternation with the south for me is reconciling it's amazing beauty with a lot of the people who inhabit it. On the other hand I suppose my endeavor to stop looking for a boyfriend can be more easily let go with this new bit of information. I guess I just have to let it come to me, and find other ways to give in the mean time; volunteer, assist, give.

Disheartening but not a cause for the abandonment of my hopes.
I have to hope.
Other wise I need to start accumulating cats.

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