19 March 2009

Et maintenant, des mots.

Had bit of fun with my friend Patron Platinum last night after spending about three hours marathon sketching of opera sets. What began as a drink to tide me over before heading to a friends nearby to watch ultimate fighting soon evolved into me displaying some new found aggressive behaviours such as scratching the beards of both the bartender and my neighbor and hitting on and feeling up a guy three times my size. Go me!
My housemate came around after finishing up at house of blues and we headed over to Good Fiends bar and talked about all things relationship related. More drinks were had and it was decided that we were in desperate need of Clover Grill cheeseburgers. I'm not sure why but being a little tipsy makes an ordinary cheeseburger a little like crack to me.

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Paul Pincus said...

this image is too adorable!