21 March 2009

Spring Broken

It's spring break. I should have left en route to Japan to visit my sister and Tokyo....but my services were needed here.
Of course. I get to spend my break translating scanned images into scaled paintings for a set design, instead of taking business class for 14 hours from San Francisco to Tokyo. To top it all off, around 3 today I got sick. suddenly....just needed a nap and woke up with a cold. Of course.
I have been flooded with interested guys though. Dear God. Its feast or famine when it comes to finding a guy it seems.
So far I've gone out with five. Some have promise, some a little less ( I think because they aren't just yet ready for the "R" word).
They are, however, all brilliant in their own ways and have all surprised me with their personalities. I know that soon I will have to choose one, but right now I am just enjoying hanging out with them and being exposed to their experiences here in New Orleans.
I will say that I do like waking up next to someone, its a comfort like none other I think.
(I've only slept with one....I'm not a scandalous ho bag. And yes, it was worth abandoning the four till you score plan.)

*PS, the guy in the picture is not anyone I know. . . maybe.


designerman said...

love that picture!

thanks for dropping by my site. please come by again soon!

Paul Pincus said...

i love these posts.

that said, you make me feel like such a gigantic whore ; )