29 July 2009

Oh the Horror

Of all the horror stories of lost luggage this has to be the worst.

I arrived last week, expecting to drive half way across the country
to receive my sisters cats upon her return from Japan. The night before
leaving however I got a message from her saying that the airline was
refusing to let her travel with the cats. They said that the cargo hold
for the plane to Tokyo was too hot for them, after selling her the
boarding cost for them. So she runs around Misawa trying to find last
minute housing for her pets, one of whom she rescued after it was
injured in a fall. She ends up having to leave them in a shelter.
Upon arrival in Tokyo she is told that she could have brought the
cats on another airline via transfer.

It gets worse.

When she gets to Dallas, after flying for twenty hours, she calls the
shuttle for the hotel and heads there for a sleep before leaving to
San Antonio in the morning. Arriving at the hotel she notices that
her carry on is missing, the porter has left it curbside at the airport.
Money, laptop, camera, documents, identity, souvenirs...all gone.

I spent the weekend trying to track down any hope of trying to find it.
Calls to airport security, lost and found and travelers aid. Calling
shuttle services and hotels on the off chance.

But no.

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