30 December 2010

...but I'da had to've missed the dance.

2010 Accomplishment
Aside from maintaining my sanity, and working
consistently as a freelancer in NYC, I'm gonna
go with learning to trust people less.

2010 Discovery

I have an incredible amount of resilience.

Favorite 2010 Vacation/Holiday

Spending Thanksgiving in New Mexico with my family.
Mended old fences and got some answers about
who I am becoming and how to keep on track.

Best dining in 2010
My kitchen in New Orleans.

2010 Regret
Nothing I can think of. Lots of bad decisions, but
none that I can say I regret. Perhaps if I repeat them.

Magic Moment in 2010

Getting my Masters in May.

What states did you visit in 2010?
Louisiana, New York, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Connecticut,
Kentucky, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Mississippi, West Virginia.

The 2010 Surprise

My baby sister, the Air Force Sargent, having a baby.

Three 2011 Goals
Converse more.
Expect less.
Keep passing the open windows.

(Meme by recommendation of Spo)

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jason said...

oh wow...congrats to your sister!
And to you too, of course.