06 January 2011

Where I am...Where I've been, rather.

Too many pictures gone unshared.
been preoccupied editing my CV, writing letters of interest,
and trying not to imagine what I'm facing if I do get this
job teaching drawing. But hey, I need a Job, yeah?
A little income for all this outgoing would be fantastic.

Lets get right into it, shall we?

Monsieur L'Orange inspects the neighbors chickens.

I got a tad OCD with the sugar cookies.

I love a bar that knows it's Holiday decor.
This would be Philip's Bar, where I shared
drinks and stories with the quite lovely,
and adorable, Jason. No pic as I was too shy to ask.


Roasted Brussles Sprouts with Bacon & Lime, thanks to The Paupered Chefs.

Christmas Eve dinner with Liz & Ben.

Such incredible ambience at The Queens Head Pub.

Damon & Vince @ Lafitte's in Exile

New Years Eve.
An evening with Mr. & Mrs. Smith at the hotels Ritz-Carlton and Roosevelt. Respectively.

1 comment:

jason said...

ah, you are too sweet, dear sir :)
But you make the city look so dreamy!